Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dye Your Hair When You Wash Your Hair!

Thank you to Toni & Guys Malaysia to give me the opportunity to try out their latest product. This is a special one…DYE YOUR HAIR with SHAMPOO!

Although it is not working 100% like conventional hair dye but it still work on me but of course you hair won't change color after one wash, you have to use it every day then you will see the color change gradually.

Toni & Guys Colour Enhancing product.

Direction of USE

Let me show you. I got DARK BRUNETT. Alright, my existing hair color was more to bronze so after the tried my hair color has not change totally to DARK BRUNETTE but you can see my hair color become darker after 10 wash.

RIGHT: Before; LEFT: After

AGAIN, it is NOT hair dye, it's Toni & Guys Color Enhancing shampoo, please do not expect you can have hair dye effect. :)

The color of the shampoo…SHINING!!! I wish I can find this shade of nail polish.

The conditioner.

Well, it's a good product for you to maintain your hair color if you have dark hair. So, if you expect to change your hair color totally, please get a HAIR DYE product this is a COLOR ENHANCING product. :D

I am asking my FIL to try out this product to see if his gray hair got better but I have not ask him the result as he is not at home most of the time.

I will investigate when he back home.

Available in:
Dark Brunette
Red Brunette



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