Sunday, October 10, 2010

NARUKO because I am Narcissism

NARUKO was a skin care brand that founded by a famous skin care guru from Taiwan – NiuEr

The brand name came from the below:

N - NiuEr
A – Avant-Garde
R – Narcissism
U – Nature
K – Key to Beauty
O – Internationally

He is 40's plus, but he does not look like at all….

and I like the above photo to the max. I wanted to visit lavendar farm in France one day.

Hubby you hear me or not?!
I read about some review about NARUKO product especially the G.O.O.D review of their Night Eye Gelly mask. SO, NARUKO is on the top of my shopping list when I going to Kuala Lumpur last month. I have been hunting this brand in the BeautyExpo10 while I working there.

Found it on the last day of the expo…lucky me!!!

Yay! I am getting all these…

Marjoram and Lavendar Classic Night Eye Gelley - an eye mask for dark eye circle

The most eco-friendly concept from NARUKO was, all the packaging box can be re-use again, mean you can turn the paper box to something useful.

I have not started to use the skin care yet so please wait for my feedback on the skincare itself in the nearer future

Where you can get NARUKO?

Pay a visit to Korean Beauty Square outlet. KBS STORE LIST CLICK HERE.

As for Sabahan, you can visit KBS store located at City Mall. :D



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