Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bun, Bun, Bun and more buns!

Went out to register Lil Jo to his new school this morning then went to some places to get different stuff by the time we done whatever we need to do for today it already 2pm in the noon, we have been trying to go three of our favorite restaurant and all of them close for lunch! So we decided to go to a place which recommended by one of my customer where you can get good "polo bao" (菠萝包) aka Pineapple Bun but it does not made from any ingredient related with pineapple. It has been named pineapple bun because of the shape. The main ingredient is butter as the filling.

Hubby told me there are a lot of places selling polo bao back to Sandakan. He's grown up at Sandakan and this is one of his favorite snacks during childhood time.

Beside polo bun, this shop sells variety of bun too. Milk Butter bun, luncheon meat bun, char saw bun and a lot. You name, you find it here but except for HAIR BUN.



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