Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lil Jo First Day to S.C.H.O.O.L

I always think that I will send Lil Jo to school so soon, he just 3 years old now but we have been observed him for the past two months and we found that he was looking for a play mate now mean it is time to introduce him to school where he can learn the social skill. We have been looking for a few playschool and we have decided to send him to the last playschool which we have visited. Mainly, they are a language centre and their main vision is to introduce young children a new social environment and prepare them with foundation for reading and writing. We don't want to rush lil Jo to an academic orientated environment because we thought that is way too stress for a 3 years old kid to learn " 1 + 1 = ? " or things like that.

Today was his first day to school, we were so worried that he could not cope or accept the SCHOOL thing where we will leave him there with other kids and teachers. We sent him there and I have accompany him for about 15 minutes to let him settle down with his teacher, then both of us just stay somewhere out of his sight. I have observed him for a while, the environment is totally new for him or aka culture shock whereby he kept ran away from the group. Thank God, everything goes well for him after a while. He been so good boy, no crying and he did not look for us as well.

I am crying the moment I saw him taking a brush and start painting, please do not ask me why I am crying because you will know why one day when you are a mom.

Something I saw at the language centre. Kids like Crocs or the parents?


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