Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's nail polish post. Ever since I started the job as manicurist, I hardly have the chance to dress the nail with nail polish because it will all damage during work unless I dress up my nails with acrylic or gel nail.

I have discovered a weird color but it is so lovely. It's not a common color for people to pick this kind of shade but trust me this shade will be a compliment if you are trendy person.

Here you go. It's called Encore (393) from Essie, it is grey shade with little pink tone or beige. I have no idea how to describe the color so let's the photo tell you.

Essie Encore (Code: 393)

Unfortunately, it will never be an encore again because it's a discontinue color from Essie. Oh well, I trying to look for a closes color from the existing Essie collection.



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