Thursday, December 9, 2010

My mood is not black! OPI Suzi Skis on The Pyrenees

Bored to the max! STAR is under renovation project, not much of guest staying here so it will be only one staff on duty everyday at the salon…it's my turn. No guest and nothing to do after I have done all the routine work!

Nothing much to do unless I playing around with my own nails. Colouring time!

Pick a color…my mood wanna go for something dark but NOT BLACK!

Which bottle got my attention? OPI Suzi Skis On The Pyrenees, a deep blue grey!

Moody these few days, a lot of unhappy incident….the worst the same person kept back stabbing you for something you have not done! These peoples are pretty good in making up story I am wondering why they don't show this talent into movie script writing or some novel writing???? The story created by these peoples should be interesting!

No worry, I will pray for these peoples everyday!

I feel wanna have Korean food for dinner. Still looking for someone to have dinner with me. I need to breathe!



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