Monday, December 20, 2010

RCIA’s Xmas Party

It was yesterday, after the class we all went to makan-makan before the holiday.

Me and Stef brought a fruit cake which I ordered from my aunt. We finish the whole 2kg fruit cake. Gonna say this here "Aunt. L, everyone said it's nice, the best ever the taste in KK"

Secret Santa….

Mr. O got these…we kept guessing who was the secret Santa.'s Oral B...good ooo

Who brought the white photo frame??? I got that and I like it!

One of the facilitator got the most meaningful gift from one of the secret Santa…a photo of RCIA's group photo!

Uncle. D called me up during the sharing session….I cried when I was up there. Sorry yea…if I have make you cry!

Mr. O, you just like kid…..counting the candies.



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