Friday, December 3, 2010

Soft and Peeling Nails *Yikes* NAILTEK Hydartion Therapy II


Hate soft and peeling nails, I had that and it became worst after I did gel or acrylic artificial nail. The condition not just become worst after the removing the artificial nails, yet the pretty artificial nails just don't last as I have a really soft and thin nails!

I need a nail strengthener for the rescue.

Last year,I bought a bottle of nail strengthener, NAIL TEK FOUNDATION II and I had finish it. Now, I am using another new product from NAILTEK, Hydration Therapy II.

NAILTEK Hydration Therapy II

This is different than the Foundation II. Foundation II is adding protein to your nail (in the layman word) but Hydration Therapy incorporates with pure water to maintain a natural moisture balance within the nail and nail bed.

This exclusive hydrating formulation contains a super canggih (high tech) molecule called PENTAVITIN, a unique "water magnet molecule" which prevent moisture loss!

Let see my nails condition
(These photos were taken a week ago.)


Soft…super soft!

After a week of usage.

I just used once as I only change my nail polish once a week and am lazy to use it on daily basis.

I give u a comparison,
BEFORE: Left, AFTER: Right

Can tell there is improvement! Those minor peeling area etting better.

This is what you get with the application of the Hydration Therapy II. Glossy

FYI, Hydration Therapy comes in 4 different formulas to fit different nail condition. You pick the one fits you according to the number:
I:    for strong, healthy nails
II:    for soft, peeling nails
III:    for dry, brittle nails
IV:    for difficult, resistant nails

Yes, you can get a nail strengthener to maintain your strong and healthy nails.

Want to get one for yourself? Ask your manicurist about it!!! Tell them, I want to try NAILTEK nail strenghthener.



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