Monday, December 21, 2009

Day Out to the beach!

Phew...another week. Be a stay at home mum is not easy! Went to beach, public beach – Tanjung Aru last week with hubby and lil monster but I hope it will be a real beach vocation at a private beach with my bikini on! Elaine babe, I hope you can come earlier!!!!

We so happy when lil Jo enjoy himself – playing with the sand! I guess he will not able to feel the sand by grabbing it and feel the ocean breeze back to KL unless we go to Port Dickson, nearest beach to KL city. Hubby and me grew up with the beach, Hubby from Kota Kinabalu and me from Kuala Terengganu, an east coast city where beach is something we see every day.

Before that, we went for something I like (last time) – ice-cream! Obviously, lil Jo like it because we don't give him junk food. But mama needs it because bad mood for the past few days need something sweet.

I think everyone went for holiday because only a few logon to IM. Happy holiday then!




Jean said...

lil JO so so cute!!!
Wish your private beach vacation dream come true soon!!lol

T.H said...

so nice ;) beach is fun.. I one time find haisam

T.H said...

then I plan take back he say cannot eat.. got poisoon

Miu said...

aww nice pics! love the sandy beach too!!! though i grew up in port klang, nearest to the "beach" also but not as nice as the beaches where u 2 are from.

KENNETH u look like rapper man,where is ur gold accessories!

Joey said...

Jean, if can I want to have my own island so I can sun bath naked :p

T.H., lucky u didn't eat the sea cucumer...phew

Miu, I will get one gold accesories for him, LOL!

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