Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good mood…coz I got a hair cut!

Yupe, yesterday I'm in a bad mood because of the period but today is a happy day because I got my hair cut done. I can't stand if my hair is not in shape and NO for a bob hair style. I am so worried I can't get a good hair dresser like John – my hair stylist back to KL.

I have been asking around is there any good hair salon but you won't know until you get your hair cut. I decided to go to a salon call Modes, thank god at least they not disappoint me when hubby said "Not bad, still have the look and feel but of course you can't compare it with what John did la!". Hubby, I know that, I still prefer John if he can fly here to start his own salon here! But that will be impossible.

Good mood so cam whoring time!

Hubby is busy with his game and yes he is bold now.

I like the nail polish which I just bought – Plum Seduction from Revlon. I will be super duper happy if I going to sunny beach with this nail polish!

Simple makeup for the day out. But the pimple mark! Hate it.

I just like me in this angle.

What do you think about my hair cut? No different?! But I like it at least look tidy now :D




Jean said...

haha..i really think it's not much difference.. but nice least your good mood is back!!^^

~M@onoko~ said...

The Plum Seduction pedicure looks great:D
You really did a good job in polishing & decorating ur nails.
I must learn from you more:)

Joey said...

Jean, yea, it's really no different but look tidy now :D

M@onoko, thanks, feel happy that I'm able to share some nail art idea with you :)

Miu said...

all i can say is..

kenneth is one lucky dude...

to have such pretty wifey!

Joey said...

Miu, me "pai seh" (shy in hokkien) le, but next time tell him when u meet him, k? so he happy to buy me another diamond ring :p

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