Friday, December 4, 2009

Where is the Santa????

Where are you, Santa?! I want X'mas present!!!! Guess he did not know I am actually looking for him so instead of waiting him to put a X'mas gift into the sock, I went to Parkson 1 Borneo to get something for myself. Hubby do not worry this is my own pocket money.

What I got for myself? Yay! SK-II miracle water – their star product Facial Treatment Essence and Lancome Ocsillation mascara, it is my second tube now, I love it too much.

Parkson is having promotion to giving out extra voucher so I got RM60 cash voucher and I think I going to use it for Hubby beanie hat.




Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

wow... Lancome Ocsillation mascara! I love this too! Will get a new 1 when I finished all my travel size mascara! Cuz mascara can't keep for long, that's why didn't grab it when Lancome had real good deal in the previous offer! T.T

Joey said...

Candy, of course! got grab it, bet u will like it. I got one Lancome mascara from their sale but not good coz almost dried up...

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