Sunday, December 6, 2009


Bored when hubby is away! BORED! Yea, I can do my nail but I did it last night. Post it up, not in the mood. Surfing around the cyber world, already did until I don't know what to look for from the Google.

I am in front of the pc now and listening to Madonna song from the album Confession On A Dance Floor and snap some photo using the "so lou gay" (please pronouns in Cantonese, it's refer to digital cam).

Yes, I am burning money now, the Lampe Berger, burning Lavender scent now! Don't care because I can sleep better!

Large monitor for Hubby best gaming entertainment, but he said not big enough! Huh...

Hubby's gaming gear from Razer!

Again his gaming gear!

My mango lip balm.

and me la

So what to do next!?




Lisa said...

waaaa joey can tell that you really bored ler..haha until post up pic of ur lip balm hehehe..anyway i know how u feel my hubby also always outstation left me all alone at home with baby ...really boreddddd!!! so end up spend more $$ thru online shopping ;p

Joey said...

Yea, try to avoid spending money so i can shop "kao kao" when i return to KL :D

Joey said...

Yea, try to avoid spending money so i can shop "kao kao" when i return to KL :D

Jean said...

my bf love razer stuff also.
Now I'm using his old razer mouse, he bought a new one (much expensive on) during pc fair..= ="

Joey said...

Jean, I guess all the boy like gaming same like us girls like cosmetic stuff :D

caixiuxiu said...

i saw mango lip balm..glad tat u like it so much..perhaps u can watch some drama to kill ur boredom?

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