Friday, April 2, 2010

Something Sweet in Kota Kinabalu! Sweet Daily Bakery

Never expected that I can find such a bakery in Kota Kinabalu – Sweet Daily cake house! Their bakery branding is something cute! They sell TRANSFAT- FREE cake and cookies. Mean all cake and cookies are bake using 100% PURE BUTTER, NO Margarine (product like Planta), NO Shortening! By the way, they are using Belgium Chocolate too! Only Belgium Chocolate!!!!

Sweet Daily Cake House

The interior was so sweet!

Couch area for you to dine in. Only limited to 2 persons at the time being.


Cute lil cookies!

They bake wedding cake as well!

I think this is a cake design for kid birthday party! Something for Jo....his next birthday.

They stick the cake sticker on the cake box like this, so it will be easier to tear off…customer friendly.

If you having bad mood! Go there for something sweet treat for yourself. Good mood…go there too to celebrate you have a good day! :p

The shop is at Damai area.



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