Wednesday, April 7, 2010

06-04-2010: Ouch!

I don't know what should put as a title for this post, it's just something random…like diary kinda of stuff so I will state the title using date.

Went for class this morning, but today only three persons attended – Miss. S and Mr. J and myself. Mr. J is so dam good in free hand drawing and Miss. S – I'm suppose she's my partner. She has been helping her in her sister nail parlour for some times and she getting advance nail art course. She is practicing french nail and I will her hands model!

Miss. S while doing my hands.

French manicure Miss. S did.

I tell you she's a sweet girl, got a dolly eyes! And her falsie make her eyes look more DOLLY, now I feel like I wanted to stick falsie every day. But no time, where got extra time for a mom every morning to stick falsie….sob sob.

What I did today for lesson is FILLING, basic thing for nail technician to master. Mr. J as my hand model and something happen….OUCH! I accidently cut his hyponychium (inner part of nail bed, the top side)…I'm so careless and guilty. Kept apologize to him. I promised that I will be careful all the time. It was first time I accidently cut other nail bed but it should not be first time at all.

I bought new nail polish AGAIN!!!! Grey tone nail polish from NUBAR Fortress Collection!!!

There's a lost in our family last weekend, I thought I will be alright when I see her but my tears just drop. It's like you never gonna see the person again, it's not the matter how well you know the person. Life's just too short and sometime you never know that so I gonna do what I wanted to do and give extra loves to everyone I know.

I missed my hometown, parents there. Miss them so much. I will going back to Kuala Terengganu on mid of the May for a week. Soon…:D



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