Wednesday, April 28, 2010

16042010: Pak To Day

"Pak To" mean dating in Cantonese. We always go out pak to, going to wet market also consider pak to for us. This day we are going out to pak to at Pavilion.

We went to Pavilion around 11am after sent lil Jo to our previous baby sitter mean there's only me and hubby!!!

Main mission to the mall is to get a pair of casual shoe for Hubby. He's really particular when comes to shoes. He said: "I know what I want and what I look good with." So this is so hard….we have been searching a pair of shoe from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur. After one hour of searching finally he got his shoe at Skechers…phew!

Then we head for lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant – Athena.

I go for the salad and hubby goes for the risotto.

The rest of stuffs we got that day are…

A pair of sandal for myself

Two pairs of pant for Lil Jo

Socks! The colorful pair of sock is mine!

A hair dryer because we don't have one at the rented service apartment.

and …..He got me this…



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