Monday, April 5, 2010

First Day…like back to school!

I felt a little nervous last night because it was like my first day to class…like first day to school (that's funny). I suppose to be feel nervous is good because it means that I have the passion to learn something new and start everything from basic at my age. I always believe willingness to learn something no matter how old you are is a good attitude.

Besides that, I am so excited that finally I can learn from someone who able to share the knowledge and experiences. Arigato sensei! I will do my best to master all the essential knowledge ASAP so I won't disappoint anyone in the future, including myself. I will not regret to make this move to start everything from fresh at my age. If I fail, at least I do it and I will not allow that happen.

It's the first class today...what happen today. Meet some new friends (or you call it classmate) :D. Learn basic knowledge about "NAIL", basic nail shape, filler grit, how to fill nail! I am actually did some refreshment while I typing as well.

This is Miss. K, she borrowed her hand to let me fill her nails, you know - "hand model". :D

In return I let her practicing nail polish application using my hand too.

This is Mr. J and Miss.R in the same class.

That's all for today. Back to home now, I need to spare some time for Hubby and lil Jo. Thanks for Hubby support all the time. He always encourages me to do something I wanted to do.

He said: "Lifes is too short, do it while you have the time." I agreed with him, do it and at least I won't regret in the future!



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