Saturday, April 17, 2010

Essential item for a flight

Alright, the longest flight I ever had was flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu which took two and a half hours. I never been to Egypt, never been to state never been to OZ and never been to any place far than Singapore. So…. should I cry??? :p I know there will be time for me to travel to those place in the future, I 'm just 26 this year. I will make it happen.

Two and half hours flight from KL to KK, it's not long but it's not a short flight too. If I'm travel with lil Jo I will not be bringing anything to entertain myself because all my time on the flight belongs to lil Jo. How about when I am travel alone, what I bring to the plane are:

iPod nano and magazine

Lip Balm...Mango flavour

and eye drop…ROHTO Lycee eye drop with the cute case given by Candy.

iPod and magazine to kill time; lip balm and eye drop for the dry condition in the cabin.

Will be flying to Kuala Lumpur again next Sunday, should I add the SK-II miracle water in the list?



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