Friday, April 9, 2010

09-04-2010: The Skill of Applying Nail Polish

My training diary, this help to remind me what I have done. What I have learnt from the class on Wednesday is pushing nail cuticle, the hardest part for me so far... also because I worry that I will hurt the person who lend me their hand to practice this. Extra caution to be more detail and gotta be extra careful while doing this so I won't hurt anyone in the future.

Besides that, I have been taught the skill of applying nail polish! This is hard man, damn hard for me because there is a 'technical' way to hold the finger and nail polish bottle using my right hand and the left, holding the brush. The skill is how to use the force to balance my left hand to apply nail polish and my right hand does not seem like listen to me because it's not easy to hold the finger and bottle at the same time.

Practice, practice, and practice! That's the ultimate way!

First time applying nail polish using the correct way to hold the finger, nail polish bottle and nail polish brush.

Today suppose to continue how to trim or cut the cuticle but my hand model absent today hence I continue to practice the nail polish applying skill. This time, sensai picked up the hardest nail polish color to let me do the practice! Matte nail polish! Shocking pink color some more! How?! Of course, fail at the beginning…then slowly become better.

Dear Mr. J is my hand model this time. His nail shape…better than any of us – ladies in the shop and class! Jealous....

One hand on matte nail polish in shocking pink shade and the other hand normal red nail polish. It's not 100% perfect but at least it not that bad comparing with the earliest one.

Sensai rushing out for an appointment so self practice again and again using fake hand!

Introduce you my dear fake hand.

How could I forget to camwhored?! :D

I got my custom made name necklace. Yay! Can you see that?



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