Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wood Noodles!!!

Wood Noodles here refer to "Pan Mee" (板面)! Direct translation from the Chinese to English, I won't eat wood. My favorite will be the Hokkien style Pan Mee aka Mee Hoon Kuey (in Hokkien) but here I can't find the original Hokkien Pan Mee but there one store, their Pan Mee texture, holly molly…smooth like jelly.

Pan Mee (板面)

BTW, this was the first time I squad down to snap a photo (the abo, when I did that everyone stare at me…shy shy. People, I know I am not pro-photographer but let me explore…

This Pan Mee store is located at Damai, nearby the coffee shop I like to hang out, nearby the Fook Yuen Coffee Shop which sell nice kaya bread!

Heng Wong Pan Mee (兴旺板面).

The Pan Mee…I go for the normal noodles type and Hubby go for the slices Pan Mee.

The Pan Mee taste good for sure huh…the bowl at the back, CLEAN. That's my bowl.

I am having my favorite "limong teh ping"! Yes, I don't get bored with it. Please don't ask me why.

The story after the meal…I going to my class lor…



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