Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Panic

I always stock up the skin care I am using, once open the bottle in my inventory I will get one in the near future so I won't get panic whenever I discover my current bottle empty.

OMG! Finish soon.

I just found out that my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence almost finish which only can supply me a day or two! No panic, I have stock-up last month when I went to KL! Lucky me because I got the value buy or best buy set or whatever you call it. I went to the SK II counter and told the counter girl: "Could you please give me a bottle of 75ml size Facial Treatment Essence?" and then the counter girl told me: "We have this value set now and the price is the same and on top of it you will get a box of cotton pad, 30ml Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, and a piece of Facial Treatment Mask."

Of course I grab it right away. No harm done, same price and get some free stuff on top of it. :D

Value Pack (again whatever you call it) of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

But the packaging for the Facial Treatment Essence for this set is a plastic bottle not the normal packaging which is in glass bottle. I want glass bottle so I will decant the FTE to my existing glass bottle. I think it should be alright. Finger crossed.

Candy gave me this during my last trip to KL too…Candy, that's so sweet of you.



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