Monday, April 5, 2010

A Magic Wand from Shu Uemura

Oooo…I can become a fairy god mother now because I got a magic wand from Shu Uemura! It's a Nobara Cream Cover Foundation Stick. It's a Nobara cream foundation which formulated for instant HIGH coverage. About the packaging, Shu Uemura packs it in a stick form this time.

The magic wand – Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Foundation Stick

I never use any cream foundation before as my though, cream foundation is way too heavy for me and I think that I will end up like a Chinese Opera actress. I was way too wrong with that because full coverage mean able to cover up all the acne mark, discoloration yet without cakey look if you have choose the right shade!

This magic wand was launch on last September and some of my friends highly recommend me about it. I don't trust it until I went to Shu Uemura boutique to do a makeup to attend an event. The SU makeup artist used this Nobara stick to do my foundation. At first it looks quite heavy before I left the boutique but when I went home to change my outfit and look at the mirror…OMG! My skin looks so dam good! And yet so natural! U want prove?

Nah….show you the photo I took that day!

Then I moved back to Kota Kinabalu and my mind kept thinking about this magic wand because my "periodic" acne visited me every month and left some acne mark on my face. I don't have a lovely face so I don't want the acne mark make my appearance worst…sob sob. I know I have to use some skin care to get rid my "periodic" acne but sometime when you urgent to get a flawless skin, you need something can do a magic instantly like fairy god mother does. I am so regretted that why I not getting one Nobara stick before I left Kuala Lumpur.

Finally, I got myself this magic wand from the heaven (Shu Uemura boutique)! Gonna show you how it does the magic thing. Yesterday morning, I did the magic again. :D

A BEFORE photo of me, naked face with some basic skincare products.

See….my "periodic" acne left some mark on my right cheek and chin. I have uneven skin tone at the both side of my nose too! I hate it so much….

Now I gonna do the Magic Spell


Use the Nobara stick, draw a few stripes on your face – both cheeks, forehead, under eye area, nose, and chin.


Then blend it! You can use the easiest access tools – FINGERS to blend it but I used a foundation sponge to do the spell! It will provide an even coverage.

Now, those small acne mark…POOF! Disappear.


Cover up those dark under eyes and some super obvious acne mark! with some special eyes and spot concealer! And blend it!

Yay! All gone.


Set your foundation with loose powder on top. Using Shu Uemura loose powder.

Looks cakey?

No worries, once the loose powder set and blend the shade will look just nice


Put on mascara, blushes and lip gloss!

Done! Flawless skin…happy me!

Before and After! No PHOTOSHOP

  • The texture of this Nobara Cream Cover Foundation Stick is so smooooooth!
  • Easy to blend!
  • The coverage superb!
  • Most importantly, I can carry this magic wand everywhere I go because of the stick packaging, yippie!

Still, I am looking for a whitening product to get rid all those acne mark!



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