Saturday, April 17, 2010

Treat you lashes like hair: L’oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum

We always put on hair serum for our hair to repair the hair condition or for more protection. Same for our eye lashes, no doubt it was hair as well! It is the same concept, we use hair serum to prevent hair loss and repair damaged hair; same for the eyelashes, it will fall out as well every time when we remove eyes makeup like mascara.

Now, L'oreal Paris has come out with something to boost up the condition of your P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.E eye lash!

L'oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum

What it does are:

  • A lash booster

    By providing the energy necessary for lash developement: Pro-Vitamin B5 + Pro-peptide + Arginine
    Arginine is one of the main amino acids in keratine, a key component of your hair and lashes. This will be the key component to repair your damaged areas of the eyelashes so the end of the lashes is more visibly hence the eyelash will get STRONGER.

  • A treatment to reduce lash loss

    The serum contains Madecassoside which helps to prolong lash lifespan.

The result?! Longer, fuller and stronger lashes!!!

How to use?

It's EASY with only two steps using the special design APPLICATOR.

The applicator


Apply to the root of the lashes like a liner with the tip of the applicator.


Next, apply to the whole length of the lashes with the curved part of the applicator.

Apply the product twice daily, once in the morning and once in the night. Apply it again in the night because our metabolic system biological functioning at peaks to undergoes truly intense cellular renewal.

I have been using this since end of March, the following are the progress photos:

  • I think my lashes look FULLER!
  • LONGER lashes, I think the serum helps too because I usually need to apply three coat of mascara to lengthen my lash but now one coat will do. My apologies I don't know how to measure my lash. :D

  • There is NO MORE eyelash loss during make-up removal. Yay!!!!!

The serum priced at MYR 49.90 and you can get it at all L'oreal Paris cosmetic counter now.



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