Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beaufort Chow Mian from Beaufort Restaurant

Beaufort is a name for a place in Sabah. Chow Mian mean stir fried noodle in Hakka, hence "Beaufort Chow Mian" is a stir fried noodle from Beaufort. Why we called it Beaufort Chow Mian because this stir fried noodles was originally from Beaufort and the noodles is homemade egg noodles at those old time and it's became famous till you can easily get it everywhere in Sabah. BUT talk about restaurant can cook a yummy one, there's only a few left!

Hubby has been looking everywhere selling Beaufort Chow Mian ever since we moved back to Kota Kinabalu. We found one of the restaurants which can cook yummy Beaufort Chow Mian – Beaufort Restaurant.

Beaufort Restaurant

The menu board! They serve normal restaurant dish too, like Kung Pao Chicken, Gu Lao Yuk, Wantan Hor and etc…

Beaufort Chow Mian

Main ingredients to cook this stir fried noodle are: Choy Sum -hell a lot of choy sum, pork and Char Siew!!! And of course the egg noodles

See…I told you a lot of choy sum! Yeah..a lot.

I go for Gu Lao Yuk (sweet and sour pork) with white rice!

Hope the photo tell you the ending….we cleared all of them! I hope….

While we on the way back from the lunch Lil Jo play hide and seek in the car,he said " You can't see me!", wait till he get older he will know that Mummy can see him actually.

Hubby did a funny faces in every single photo I took. wth! Never mind he's cute and bright up my day with those funny look.



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