Monday, February 22, 2010

Why No Chess allow in the café?

Went to get a bubble milk tea yesterday afternoon because the weather is melting me!!! Saw this notice in the café! I truly understood why PETS, PLAYING CARDS and OUTSIDE FOOD is allow in the café but why NO CHESS???

My yam flavored bubble milk tea with tapioca pearl (珍珠奶茶) from Yoyo Café. They have two sizes of tapioca pearl – LARGE and SMALL. They sell it bloody cheap here, MYR3.80 (add tapioca pearl). At Kuala Lumpur you need to pay at least MYR5.00 for a cup bubble milk tea, add tapioca pearl, you need to top up another MYR1.00 for it!

The weather was too hot so I have to wear like this, this is what I wearing to a yoga class so imagine about the weather now!

Did a makeup too by following the makeup tutorial from a Taiwan mag.

Cam whore in the bath room before I remove the makeup.

I am not naked by the way! If you wondering:D




Jean said...

haha..i really tot tat u're naked lo..=p

i think no chess allow because they dun wan u to sit there for too long??

Miu said...

chess play too long in the cafe?
or kiasu liao play..lose.. n ransack the place down..

all the ppl see nerds there all run away..

Joey said...

jean, u want to see me in naked? :p next time we go hot spring together (Jap style) :p

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