Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He’s Scared….

Same like every other morning, this early morning I accompany Hubby to the hospital for his radiotherapy treatment and NO EXECPTION for this coming Chinese New Year because we will still going to the hospital for his radiotherapy treatment. We never felt scare or sad when we go to hospital for his treatment because we know it is good for him. We always go there with SMILEY faces, and we always talking and laugh while waiting for his turn. I guess most of the patients and nurses must feel weird what this couple talking about every day, so many thing/topic to talk about? Yes, we have a lot of topic to talk about, that's why we are husband and wife J

This morning, while waited for our turn to see the oncologist, we watched this show on the Discovery Chanel called Tattoo Hunter. Oh yeahhh…I like it! Because I am thinking to get a tattoo too but whatever kinda tattoo you about to watch in this show is not those tattoo done in a modern and sterilize way! Most of tattoo shown in this show are tattoos from members of the few remaining authentic tribes and the way they do it in the PAINFUL way like using a knife! Like the host as well – Lars Krutak.

So u phobic about pain or blood please be prepared when you watch Tattoo Hunter! Whose don't dare to watch this show, hehehe…there's one beside me, my Hubby!

He told me: "I don't want to watch this! Yeak….I going to take off my spec so that I can’t watch it." So he removed his spec and beanie saved his day!

The show.

This episode, he went to some places at Africa to look for tattoo which has been banned by the local government since 1960.

Me like this show so much, and I like Lars Krutak because he has a look alike like Robert Downey Jr. (a lil chubby version) and he is not some tattoo freak, he is a TATTOO ANTHROPOLOGIST! Sound so pro…He has a Facebook Fans and I think I saw a photo he took with one of our famous tribe from Borneo!

OK, when I gonna get mine. Think think and think.




Miu said...

u must make kenneth get a tatoo also when he fully recover!!!!!!!

Joey said...

i told him that and he said "I dun even dare to accompany you when u get urs!!!"

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