Monday, February 1, 2010

I know what I did in the ward…

8.35pm, I still staying at the ward with Hubby. Sitting beside him and do nothing physically but emotional wise I am doing something which is accompany him. Opps…I just sneezed. Doctor will visit after 9pm, most probably will go home after the doctor come for Hubby check-up. BTW, Thank God, his temperature back to normal.

Hubby can't talk much because he said the pain killer (in IV drip form) did not help much. I just sit beside him and him listening to what I said.

He can't hold my hand because I can't sit comfortably if he holds my hand. For me to sit comfortably I need to put my legs on his bed, I know it is not proper to do so but I need to sit here for long hour. End up he hold my toes. Hubby, no worry I scrub my leg 3 times a week, so hold la if you like.

I had my dinner in the ward as well. This is my dinner, look pathetic isn't it? Hubby agreed.

So I added some veggie afterward.

After dinner, do nothing. Bored so I did some stupid thing like these…

Figuring out how to read a NON_DIGITAL termometer.

Putting on Hubby's beanie and spec. He saw me did this, he laughed.

Then I found something in my handbag, must be lil Jo left this in my handbag. Some x'mas décor made from wire. Then I made a ring for a proposal to Hubby.

I asked Hubby:" Will you marry me so I can take care of you too!"

Right now, I kept listening to a song – Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Leona Lewis.

Oh yea! I have finished the "limong teh ping"!

Written on 8.40pm, Tuesday, 1st Feb 2010.



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Jason Ooi said...

limong teh ping... very sabahan ;-)

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