Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woohoo…..! I finished it!

I have finished a whole bottle of body lotion. First time in my life time to finish a body lotion! Why I have been so determine and motivated to apply body lotion on daily basis? Because "ai sui" (mean want to be pretty in Hokkien) la! Actually there is another reason make me do so is I have been sleeping in a air-condition room every night!

I am not an air-cond person, hubby also same as me. When we stayed at KL, we never sleep in air-condition room because it is too dry and we are staying at a condo at 14th floor, cold enough to just sleep under the ceiling fan. So if you let me choose, I would not sleep in an air-condition room. Plus, I want to save electricity. But back to our home in KK, I have no choice because our room doesn't have a ceiling fan and we are not able to install one because of the house structure.

I found my skin are dry when after I move back to KK, I don't want to have an old lady skin at my age so what else to do? I picked up a bottle of lotion from the drugstore la.

Since I never finish my body lotion before, I pick up a small bottle of the following.

Johnson's baby softlotion 24hour moisture

Ok, I bought a baby lotion. I did not realize it until I reached home. When I saw the lotion, I thought it was the hit item I saw in Japanese mag - Johnson 24hour body lotion for ADULT! Never mind, it's still body lotion. I just kept my promise to apply the body lotion on daily basis to finish a whole bottle of lotion! Yes, I don't miss a single day until yesterday, I have finished it.

The result, satisfied! Hubby felt my skin become smoother and this 100ml body lotion cost me only MYR4.90! There are no ugly women, just a lazy one, I think it is true.

As the replacement, I picked up Vaseline healthy white Skin Lighthening Lotion at MYR13.00.

Will see how it's work.




Blair said...

Is the adult version sold here? I wanna try it out too since you said it's a hit item in Japanese magz!

Pssst, I've hidden my weighing machine hahaha

Joey said...

Blair, I don't think the adult version available in M'sia...

U hide it!!!!

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