Thursday, February 11, 2010

[Nail] NUBAR red flame

Chinese New Year around the corner, in fact it's coming very soon, this Sunday. This year my lucky colour will be black and dark blue. I has been thinking to put on black nail polish but still it is Chinese New Year so try to get something red from my nail polish collection and found this – Red Flame from NUBAR.

nubar Red Flame (N197)

It's a red colour nail polish with a lil orange base. Don't know how you call it, try to find this colour from NUBAR website and there is nothing about it. Guess it's one of the discontinue nail colour.

I don't really like it. Ehmm…maybe I will change the colour later in the afternoon although I just put it on last night. Maybe pampering myself at nail saloon but why should I pay since I know how to DIY????



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