Sunday, February 28, 2010

[nail] essie Mink Muffs. Milk Choc!

Who want some milk chocolate? Let's dip some melted milk choc on your nails. essie Mink Muffs a smoke plush taupe was one of the color for essie Fall Collection 2009. What's the heck is 'taupe'? Taupe means grayish brown. I don't know what this word mean till I google it. Grayish brown color was one of the hits color during the last Winter/Fall beside gray.

essie Fall Collection 2009 - Mink Muffs

Under fluorescent lighting

Under normal day light

essie Mink Muffs remind me of melted milk choc color! Although the color actually lighter than milk choc color but it is still remind me of milk choc every time I look at my nails. Ehmmm…yummy!

If this post makes you crave for choc, Bon Appetite then! Enjoy the choc, one or two may not 'kill' :p




A级女人 said...


Joey said...


A级女人 said...


Joey said...


ai wei said...

i love ur nail color, it's so chocolicious and will definitely keep me craving for chocolate if i put this on.

A级女人 said...



Joey said...

Ai Wei, thx :) Then u better dun put on this colour :p otherwise u have to double up the workout, haha

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