Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie Day

Nowadays, it's a lil hard for two of us go for a movie although we are not working for the moment because hubby need to get his treatment and we try to stay at home more.

Went to the most "Kuala Lumpur" feel mall in Kota Kinabalu – 1Borneo today. We watched Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. Hubby planned for another movie tomorrow for The Book of Eli starring by Denzel Washington.

Simple day makeup, at least I do not look too bad for an outing. Will share my version of "15 minutes" makeup soon.

Heading for a light lunch before the movie.

We cam whored while we waiting our food to be served using my phone camera. Now I am so dam appreciate that I have a better camera phone.

Hubby busy with the menu.

The White Chocolate Blueberry drink which I ordered, it taste CUTE mean acceptable.

But why they don't serve the drink in a more presentable glass?! :(

The burger, looks good but taste so so….:(

BTW, I am looking for an iPod Nano (3rd generation) armband, need it during jog. Anyone can recommend one because I could not find one at our local Apple store.



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