Saturday, March 13, 2010

Online Boutique: the pop

I don't have a model body figure so it is hard for me to buy cloth from online boutique and it will be more head ache if I saw the word "ONE SIZE". Mean free size, I either I can fit in it or not. If there is measurement stated, I will still skeptical to buy a cloth because I will never know if I look good with certain design. I feel more secure if I can go to fitting room and try it out.

Three days ago I found an online boutique from Germaine blog site, she mentioned about this online boutique – the pop I browsed through their site, found that they have some good design dresses and tops and I found the top with layer chain design top with an affordable price!!!!

Straight away, I email them. They respond to my email?! FAST andn they reserve the tops for me. I informed them after I did my payment using Maybank funds transfer. FYI, they accept credit card payment as well. On the same day as well, they replied my acknowledgment email about the payment and said that my stuff has been sent through postage with tracking no.! What a prompt reply, I like it.

I received my purchase today. Two days because using POS EXPRESS and I am located at East M'sia, if you from West Malaysia, you will get your stuff the next day. I am so surprise with their delivering package because they wrap my cloth nicely with paper. They wrap it nicely because most of the online boutique will send the cloth in the plastic bag from the manufacture.

The paper wrap with their company sticker on top. Simple and nice.

There's more! They provide Returns and Exchanges policy which most of the online boutique don't. You can return your purchase if the size don't fit as long as the cloth is in the original condition – UNWORN, UNWASHED and UNALTERED. This make me like them even more because I can return the cloth if I found the size does not fit me. :D

Found this piece of paper with their Returns and Exchanges Policy which I didn't know that they have this policy at the beginning.

My purchase – Black top with layer chain!

For this purchase I don't need their Returns and Exchanges policy. J




Jean said...

kinda expensive blogshop for me..
but some of their pieces are so adorable!!
and the harajuku love tshirt, I actually got same pieces but I bought in FOS at RM30 per piece oni..=p

Joey said...

They cater different need. The tops i bought at MYR39. :D

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