Monday, March 15, 2010

Love her so much since university time! KATE I luv U!

I love KATE Kanebo since my university time and that was 5 years ago. First, because it is affordable for me as a student and the quality is good! Especially their eye shadow palette. My first KATE eye shadow palette was their deep eyes collection, the first generation deep eyes e/s palette; I got the earth tone shade.

The brown shade - BR-1

This is my first e/s palette from KATE. Hit pan but I still in love with in and they have discontinue this one. The brown shade hit pan but I like it too much and keep it till now.

The gray shade.

I am not new to make up when I was a student but it my memory serves me right, although I am not a newbie to make up but I can't do a proper eye makeup and normally I only use one or two color on my eyes and the result of course is not good one. But I am able to do a proper eye makeup EASILY using KATE e/s palette. At least my eyes look more 'structure'…. Or like what the e/s named the palette - deep eyes. JI would use 'user friendly' to describe the palette. Although the price is affordable but it is still higher than a lot of drugstore brand here in Malaysia.

KATE is a drugstore brand but the quality is good. I wouldn't say it can compete with luxury brand but the quality is definitely above drugstore brand quality. I bought a lot of KATE stuff like eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and some other stuff. I can't recall because most of them have been hi-jack by my sisters.

LAST WEEK, I saw KATE gonna launch their latest gradical eyes e/s palette. They have this collection since 7 years ago and KATE always upgrade the gradical eyes collection along the path. This year, they will launch the 4th generation of gradical eyes e/s palette.

The evolution of KATE gradical eyes e/s palette

How this gradical eyes collection evolve?! Nah…

(from left to right: 1st on Feb 2003; 2nd on Nov 2005; 3rd Aug 2007)

All of them popular among Japanese gals! Hot like crazy because I saw in those Cawaii, Popteen mag model using it to create a magnificent eye makeup! Small eyes become BIG eyes using this palette!

THIS YEAR, KATE will launch the 4th gen gradical eyes e/s palette!!! Its looks so pretty, the product photos! Come with 8 shades, I like OR-1, BR-2 and GY-1…can I have them all?!

Not available in Malaysia yet. Price at 1470 YEN in Japan.

I can't wait!!!




Popcorn said...

wow! you really do love your KATE palette! hehehe I have never hit pan on anything yet. nor have i tried Kate eyeshadows before, but i want to soon! hahaha I only have their gel liner which I love too! :P

A级女人 said...

这个Kate牌子的eye shadow真的蛮好用的。珠光感也很强。价钱也合理。我也买过一盒四色的。但,我当时买的是粉红色系,因为心想我也没有粉红色的,化装箱里大多数都是棕色系。结果咧,买了回去后,却很少用,因为,那种色的确很少派的上用场啦。


Joey said...

Popcorn, yes, affordable and good quality and the colour never fail me.

Joey said...

A级女人, 你可试试把粉红色与棕色混合当日妆。
哈! 把你也给烧着了?! 我恨不得把全八色给买了:p (不能让哈比知道)

vivi-angel said...

kate i love too but so expensive wei..

Joey said...

Vivi, yea...the price Malaysia is expensive compare to Taiwan but still a good choice if want something cheap (compare to Lunasol) with good quality

ning * star said...

I've tried Kao Asience too, but it was just so so for me. hmm....

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