Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEW Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo

I have been using Ascience shampoo ever since they launch it in Malaysia, I think around June 2009. The result is good even on my dyed hair. I am happy with it! I can feel my hair softer on my first try! Hubby can felt his hair turn out soft as well…that's when he is NOT bold.

This is what I am using now!

But 3 weeks ago, my Ascience shampoo and conditioner running low and I have been running every single Watson outlet in Kota Kinabalu to get it and there is nothing! I can't get a single bottle of the shampoo and those Watson store assistant can't tell or they might not even know what happen or when the stock coming in! End up I bought the small bottle size till Watson re-stock.

I got my answer yesterday! This….

Ascience coming up with the NEW improved formula for what I'm using now! The Old packaging was yellow bottle and the new improve one is in light yellow. Besides that, Ascience launch a new line, the white color packaging which has been launch in Japan since last year.

Light yellow packaging is for normal to dry, frizzy, damaged hair.

White packaging is for normal to oily scalp.

The price is around MYR26, 350ml for both shampoo and conditioner.

Now I have to finish my old formula in-order to get the new improved formula! Arghhhh....




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sjune said...

at first ur hair will feel soft, but with prolonged usage it turns your hair into hay. you can read the review at another blog: my women stuff.

i am not sure with the new formula though.

Joey said...

Probably different people with different effects. I've been using it for quite sometime and still is OK for me.

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