Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who want some dark chocolate?

Who want some dark chocolate or maybe a chocolate kisses from me?! Neh….probably not from an aunt like me. How about from essie?! I have tried the essie Mink Muffs nail color which I think it looks like milk chocolate on my nails this time I go for their dark chocolate color which look exactly like dark chocolate!

Delicious dark chocolate from essie Chocolate Kisses.

This color makes me craved for dark chocolate and I really get to the nearest supermarket to get me a piece of this….

Oh lord…so good and hubby can't stand it when he saw me eat the choc but he can't because NO SUGAR for him.




Jean said...

eh eh~ the last photo is actually kinda seductive you know?!
lol I can't eat chocolate as well, it will trigger my migraine~

Shilka said...

oh no, I gotta stay away from this color xD It's gonna make me crave Ritter Sports all the time xD

Joey said...

Jean, the last photo...i mean let someone did some diet 'crime'. I'm bad

Shilka, i think that's the only downside for this color

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