Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally done!

Finally, everything done! Hubby finish his treatment last week, both chemotherapy and radiotherapy! Since he has finished everything, we went to hospital to remove his catheter on his chest for almost five months. It's a tube insert on his chest which use to inject any drug during chemo. For five months and now he is finally free from those headaches to maintain the catheter.

We are waiting for the surgeon to remove the catheter! and playing with my new camera...

This is how its looks like; it will be cover by a dressing everyday! Finally, I have the chance to snap a photo. I don't dare to touch it before this as we need to keep it clean to avoid any infection.

This is it - catheter removed and this tube was in hubby's chest for 5 months.

The process to remove the catheter took us 5 minutes only!

Got to show you the oncologist we consulting a during the radiotherapy treatment at Kota Kinabalu. I ask him if I can take his photo or not, then he asked me: "You have Facebook?". I told him I do have a Facebook account but this is not for Facebook purposes. Forget to ask the doctor if he have Facebook account.

The doc - Dr. Jasvant Singh

After we done the procedure, it's tea time. I had this - Char Kuay Teow, the prawn is HUGE compare to what they use in KL.

Photo taken using my G11…I like my new camera so much!



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