Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lil Jo going to the hospital

This was the second time Lil Jo going to see a doctor after ever since we move back to Kota Kinabalu. The first time was because he broke his chin while he playing in the garden at the back of our home. This time is because of some skin problem, it's actually nothing serious but the problem he has does not seem to get better but it did not get worst too so we decided to bring him to see dermatologist yesterday.

He's so excited, kept telling me that he want to see doctor for the past few days. I told him that the doctor said he will see him on Friday (yesterday).

He's so excited in the morning when we get ready to go to the hospital.

Still…..excited when we reach there!

Luckily the dermatologist examination room is nearby to the pediatrician room so there some toys for him to keep him occupied while waiting for his turn.

I was so relief after his consultation. The dermatologist told us it was not some fungus (because we thought it was some skin fungus). It just some skin condition due to Lil Jo has sensitive skin. Doctor told us not to worry and show us some photos from some patient who has the same condition like Lil Jo.

The doctor informed us not us any body washer that contain perfume like what he use now Johnson baby bath (those pump one) but to use only Johson baby bath soap which does not contain any perfume and it is milder for his sensitive skin. Or else I can get Dove body bath (the original formula) which will suitable to for Lil Jo.

Doctor said Lil Jo condition most probably inherited from the family if the family members have asthma, eczema, or sensitive nose. I had the sensitive nose and Hubby had asthma when his childhood time.

The treatment for Lil Jo, NO HOT shower, use moisturizer after shower, some medication skin creams and there is NO FOOD RESTRICTION for sensitive skin! Hear me no food restriction if you are sensitive skin!!!

So now, I have one more routine which is help Jo put on body moisturizer every time after he shower!



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