Sunday, March 14, 2010

[sweetest thing] New Toy Canon PowerShot G11

Got my new toy! I have been looking for a camera for so long. Aiming for Panasonic Lumix GF1 with the pancake lens but the price too expensive RM3,799 and I do not how to use SLR camera. There is a lot more to learn if I want use a SLR. So I narrow down my option to prosumer camera or you call it semi-pro. My choice are Canon PowerShot G11 and Lumix LX3. I choose Canon G11 at the end because of the flip-able screen which is good for cam whoring! J Plus, I check with someone (you know who you are if you read this) who good in photography, saying that it is better to get Canon G11 if I want to play some SLR function and at the same time I can have a press and snap like normal digital camera.

Got the camera at MYR1,899. The package includes this.

Able to get the SA to upgrade the memory card from 4GB to 8GB and I change the tripod to a camera wrislet because I want to get a better tripod instead of MYR19 tripod.

Get a Sony camera accessory for a Canon camera? @@

Guess which one I pick? (actually answer in the previous photo)

The SA helps me to put on the screen protector.

My new toy!!!!

Some test shot using G11.

Yoohoo…finally I can shot a photo showing my exact hair color!!!

Muahaha…with the auto mode I can shot a photo in dim light room. My previous DC can do it too (need to do some setting) but the result not as good as this.

The nail polish.

Lil Jo!

Magazine shot.

Makeup pouch.

Food and me. :p

Photos taken in the car.

More and more to explore. Big hug for hubby too!




ciawei said...


I hope I can have it too...

A级女人 said...

我也是正在看着相机。还不知道会不会买,但在考虑着你这架canon G11和olympus pen。
你觉得那架比较好?然后G11 & G10 的分别在那里?

Joey said...

Ciawei, save and get one. I have been saving for soooo long and finally...:D

Joey said...

Canon G11 and G10, 不多分别。你可在此看看:

但如果你考虑Canon G11 Olympus PEN (EP-1 or EP-2), 别想,Olympus PEN 吧! 因为Olympus PEN是compact DSLR,而Canon G11是semi-pro.

Olympus PEN的话呢,你也看看它的强敌Panasonic Lumix GF1 (pancake lens)!我原本想买Lumix GF1但碍于dollar sign issue, 我放弃了! 试过Lumix GF1, 她的photo quality美得不得了!!!

caixiuxiu said...

i tink tis gift is better than d prada wallet :p

Joey said...

i still want the Prada wallet, if can :p (GREEDY)

Joey said...

BTW, should be purse...

A级女人 said...


其实,我是比较喜欢G11的外型,虽然olympus的也不差,但G11比较帅气。in terms of spec. 我则比较喜欢olympus pen。所以一直举棋不定。


看了你的解释后,我想,我会买olympus pen吧。大概多少钱呢?我还没做survey呢。

另外, 你要借我的杂志,是不是digi photo?我的朋友也借了我,刚好里头也是在讨论着olympus pen 和 panasonic lumix GF1。读起来,lumix GF1好像比较“厉害”但不懂为什么,我又比较喜欢olympus pen 。。。

Joey said...

就是Digi Photo, 那就不必我多说了,就买Olympus PEN吧!买白色的哦 !!!:D. 待我五月回KL, 出来见面,好让我看看你的新玩具.

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