Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Smoke House @ Bangsar

I have been to The Smoke House Restaurant located at Cameron Highland. Ehem…I memory with The Smoke House there was cold!!! And English style interior design and it's romantic to go for dinner with you love one.

Thinking to get that kind of English style dining feel in Klang Valley area? YES, go Bangsar now and look for The Smoke House!!! There's one at Bangsar now and have no need to drive all the way up to Cameron Highland.

The Smoke House at Bangsar.

(Located at the opposite of the main entrance of Bangsar Village II)

The English style interior!

The bar area.

The open air area.

I went there with my girlfriends during my last trip to Kuala Lumpur last month, Miu brought us there for an English style afternoon tea. I mean it! An ENGLISH style afternoon tea at an affordable price start from MYR 12.00!

They have two set of afternoon tea set.

We ordered Set B which serve on a dessert tray! So Brit…which I like.

This set is enough for three of us for tea time while we chit chat non-stop there for about two hours!

Did I tell that, they provide Wi-Fi there so you can update your blog, you can stalk on Facebook and tweet on your Twitter too while you having your tea. That's why I have a laptop on my lap but it's not mine.

If you can't go there for afternoon tea, they serve dinner too. Both Western and Thai food. I like their Thai cuisine!!!

For more details, check them out at The Smoke House Facebook Fans page.


67-G-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(Photos credit to Miu)



(Photos credit to Miu)


Unknown said...

我听过The Smoke House餐馆,不过还没去过。也许找天比较闲时,可以向老公提议:)


Joey said...

Pen2!!!! 买了之后,记得在您的部落分享心得哦!

Tammy said...

woah nicely written!!!! :)

gona put it on their fb!!! for all to see!!

Joey said...

Miu, i missed the open air area!!! We go there again this coming May!!!
KL here i come again!

stellarvixen said...

am crazyyyy bout english teas recently!! i've tried delicious tea set yummm a big hearty one for rm59++...easily shared by 3 too..
stelle@pavilliion...jilted by TWG creme caramel tea with its funky teapot and designer coffee.. pretty crystallized brown sugar with a wooden stirrer..soo uhh-mazing!

cant wait to sample smokehousee!with the gang~~~ ohh i;ve been buying alice theme non stop!!

see ya around in may!

ksc:nick said...

Never been there... but look yummy. Will try one fine day!

Joey said...

Stellar, OK we go to the one u went I come on May...wait for me!!

Joey said...

Ken, go go go!

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