Monday, May 24, 2010

International Beauty Expo (IBE) at Kuala Lumpur Convetion Centre

I went to the International Beauty Expo yesterday with my sister. Luckily, we did not go crazy to shop like hell but it's really fun because I found a lot of stuff which I have been looking for so long. I have been to another beauty expo which organized by another event organizer but I was working that time and don't have much time to walk around this I go as a visitor. Yay!

International Beauty Expo at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Admission is FREE.

The exhibitor was a distributor for Dolly Wink faux lash collection. They bring in a lot of Japanese products.

Maggie May's faux eyelash collection. Saw it in a lot of Jap magazine.

The spring eyelash curler.

Takako's faux eyelash collection.

At the Stylerush booth, we can get free hair makeover using their mini hair styling iron to curl my hair. Love it!

My sister went for the free hair makeover too.

The hair stylist, Alex.

The BB cream is on promotion. Normal price, RM150+ now RM59! The brand spoke person is Jolin Tsai. My sister grabs it because it was cheap.

Taiwan brand skincare – For Beloved One.

Tattoo exhibitor booth.

Then we done, leave the expo after 2 hours there because we rushing to Empire Mall to meet up with Hubby cousin.

Before that, me and my sister cam whore in the washroom. LOL!

The expo is going on till this Tuesday if not mistaken. You are not late. Pay a visit and you might find something you want at a cheap price.



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