Friday, May 7, 2010

24 hrs touchable soft skin! I want Johnson’s 24 hrs Lasting Moisture Body Lotion

I have been using body lotion ever since I moved back to Kota Kinabalu. My story about body lotion here. I am using little Jo body lotion now which was prescribed by the dermatologist because lil Jo has sensitive skin so that the lotion suitable for him and the doc said I can use it as well so I use it since it's a huge big bottle.

Before that I am using Johnson's 24 hrs Moisture body lotion for baby. Bought it because I thought it was the adult version which has been available at Japan since last year. Anyway I finished the baby lotion too.

NOW, the Johnson's 24 Hrs Lasting Moisture Body Lotion for adult is available at Malaysia! I saw it on the first day I reached Kuala Lumpur and I get it right away because I like the scent and my travel size body lotion almost finish. I need it; I need a body lotion to have a soft skin. Ever since I start applying body lotion my friend said my skin so soft….happy me!

The texture is lighter than the Johnson's Baby 24 Hrs Moisture Body Lotion and the adult version with the fruity scent, smell like peach for me. I like peaches.

Come in 3 sizes – 100ml, 50ml and a big size…can't recall how many ml for the big bottle. I got a 100ml bottle because I need it for this trip and I am going to get a big bottle when I back to Kota Kinabalu.

Get you soft skin now!!!



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