Friday, June 4, 2010

Watch Out!

Watch out! Not being rude but those watches seem like telling me "watch out"! I am looking for a watch for working purposes. First, my existing watch is a stailess steel easy to get scratches. As manicurist, I can avoid my hand touching on the table and I need a water resistant watch because I can't avoid touching water. I existing watch is not a water resistant watch! OUCH….please don't think why would I bought a not water resistant watch because I felt in love with it on the first sight.

Hubby and daddy brought me to a family friend watch shop this morning, a family friend since granny generation! I saw these….those watches seem like telling me "Watch out!".

I like you (watch) but sorry...because you are leather….no good to be friend for "water".

But this….perfect!

And it's a gift from my father in law. It's the first birthday gift I got so far. Thank you daddy.



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