Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday Celebration @ Nishiki Japanese Restaurant

We went for dinner at Nishiki Japanese Restaurant for my birthday celebration actually till the evening I have not decided to dine at home or going out for a dinner. Then Hubby insisted that it was my birthday so just get out for a dinner. Ehm….probably he just need an excuse to go out.

Nishiki was the oldest Japanese restaurant at Kota Kinabalu, they has been 23 year in the business. We heard they serve the best Japanese food in the town and I tell you "it was the best". Their unagi cooked perfectly!!!

Well, what I care is "good food" as in good in cooking and not just serve a good sushi. Cook with heart…LOL!

My burfday ma…so makeup is a must. Another post for the makeup because this was the first time I use blue shade eye shadow.

Hubby went crazy with me to do some stupid cam whore…ANTM style…SMIZE.

Me…act cute @@



Unagi Don


Chawan Mushi

Well….the benefit of staying at Kota Kinabalu is you can get the best and fresh seafood…look at the size of the prawn.

After dinner we headed to Waterfront for drinks and enjoying the ocean breeze.



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