Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian – Pork Noodle

Sang Yuk Mian mean pork noodle in Hakka. It's a common dish KK people had every day but there is one restaurant which sell pork noodle always pack with people. Every time we pass by this restaurant, Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian (家乡生肉面) which located at Lintas Square we dare not to park our car and go in because the crowd - CRAZY. There is a morning I get up slightly earlier for work so hubby and I drive around Lintas Plaza to look for a shop for breakfast and I saw there is not much of people there…"Alright, this is the right time to try you!"

We order the taufu pok! It's so nice and trusts me this is not same as what you get at KL.

Taufu Pok

Kan Lao Sang Yuk Mian (干捞生肉面)

I like spicy food so I am doing quite well with chili sauce but their homemade chili sauce makes me smoke.

Hubby told me that he never seen me like this before –SMOKING HOT! Yea...but not Megan fox type.

MAP to there:

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