Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lil Jo First Visit to C.I.N.E.M.A

We have been struggling to bring or not to bring lil Jo to cinema to watch his favorite cartoon – TOY STORY. He watched Toy Story 1 & 2 and he knows the cartoon character very well. His favorite was Woody and tag line "To the infinity and beyond!"

For Toy Story 3, I have suggested to Hubby saying that I think we should bring him to cinema for the first time for his favorite show but our concern are would he be able to hold up more than an hour just sitting there and watch the show; or keep asking us with a lot of question with high volume, I mean talk loud and disturb the audience in the cinema

At the end we decided to bring him because the show is for kids (of course for us too) so don't worry if he talk loud because there will be a lot of parents bring their kids to watch the show as well. They will understand how kids behave too as long as we keep lil Jo in control.

So here, we brought him to the cinema for the first time!

He's like the popcorn…SWEET stuff.

How he behave? He's a good boy.



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