Monday, June 14, 2010

Soft and Puffy Curls with Stylerush Mini Flat Iron

Well, most of us using a thong to curl hair but there is a way where you can curl your hair using a flat iron! I have a curling thong too but I didn't even use it, I just don't have the courage to touch it. Don't ask me why.

Back to curling with flat iron, I discovered this method from the recent the Int' Beauty Expo during my last trip to Kuala Lumpur. There is a hair product brand Stylerush. It's a local company but it was run by Korean. What caught my eyes was the mini flat iron they selling. Their hair stylist was doing some demo there where they use the flat iron to curl hairs!

I told my sis straight away "I gonna grab this later!". After we mingled around the expo, I went back there to get the hair stylist to do a demo on my own hair. Then I grabbed one Stylerush Mini Flat Iron back home with me and there is a free gift on top of the purchase. Yay!

Stylerush Mini Flat Iron and the free gift!

Stylerush Mini Flat Iron comes in 3 colors! I go for the green one.

This is the size of the mini flat Iron. Good to tag along when travel.

OK, back to my apartment at KL….I tried to use the flat iron to curl my hair with my sister. The magical just didn't show like how it happens during the demo.

My thought "Oh no, I dumping my pennies into the sea gain?! *Doomp…*"

Until recently, finally I have discovered the way to create S-curl using the flat iron after few tries. Thanks to YuoTube!

My version of S-curl using the Stylerush Mini Flat Iron.

BTW, guys out there, you can use this mini flat iron to style your hair! I have uploaded a few video tutorials which provided by Stylerush Malaysia distributor.

Here you go.

If you are interested to get one Stylerush Mini Iron, you can pay a visit to:

Seung Jun Hair & Beauty Sdn. Bhd.

A-11-3, Jalan Selaman 1, Dataran Palma, Ampang, 68000, Selangor.

Tel: 03-4270 7542



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