Friday, October 2, 2009

First Day of Unemployed Life

I resigned a months ago, September 30th was my last day of employment but still I work until 8pm until Candy scold me and called me "Siao Po" (in Hokkien, mean crazy women)! Its quarter ending month so I have to help up the company to process order. I was so happy because today I do not have to sort out my to-do list anymore and just spend some quality time with my family until we move back to Kota Kinabalu (East Malaysia).

What I did for my first day of unemployed life? I went to mall with hubby because he needs to get his hair cut done and I went for shop. It was so weird lingering in the mall during working hours, I not use to it because sub-consciously I thought it was weekend. Good thing is I can have lunch with my friend.

Funny thing I did yesterday – CAM WHORING in the fitting room. LOL, but it was fun! :D

Some stuff I bought from Watson. This time I have more time to walk around Watson and look for stuff that I really need and did some comparison before I buy anything

Ehm...what am I going to do today? Maybe I will just sleep whole day.




Jean said...

Lol I'm opposite of you~
I just start to work for the first time yesterday~=p
anyway it's just a part time job to spend my 3 months holiday which I only need to do my final year project..
I feel fortunate too cox I get a nice job..(my job is just sitting there supervise others + online watching video all the time..=p)

Kalmo said...

Aww enjoy the break from working! :)

You're so pretty! I love all the outfits you tried on, did you buy anything?

You have a lovely figure too! Nice haul.

Joey said...

Jean, once you graduate you wil missed study time! Hah...what an enjoy job!

Joey said...

Kalmo, i am flying high now!!! ;)

Lily said...

Hi, Joey, good for u..and keep in touch..hope that i can meet u at the beauty exhibition before u fly to KK...

Sherry said...

me and my friend bought the same neutrogena but funny is that the smell of both is different

Lisa said...

joey..welcome to the world of SAHM hehe

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

Muahaha.... today only i found out you talked bad about me hah... kakakaka... anyway, please enjoy while you can as there are still someone to take care of your lil jo! Please standby ya, i will call u to yam cha and lepak again if am free next week!

Joey said...

walou candy!...tell me what i talked bad about u le!!!!

caixiuxiu said...

but you r leaving us soon T_T
will miss u alot babe!

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