Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some Excitement – Shu Uemura by Tsumori Chisato

Today was a tiring day for me maybe not enough sleep last night because I woke early in the morning to pick up my dad. Tomorrow need to wake up early because my dad has to go for his follow-up checking at the hospital. I should be sleeping by now but just cannot wait until tomorrow morning to share some excitement with those who like Shu Uemura and those like to collect their limited edition stuff.

From Miu blog, she had been post about Shu Uemura 2009 Holiday Collection by Tsumori Chisato. Once I read about the post I can't stop thinking about the brush set from this collection. Just happen to pop by Shu Uemura store today and check when the collection will be available, unfortunate it is not available for sell today but nice SA told I can put my hands on the sample set which just reached the store.

Muahahaha....I got my hands on it however they don't have the whole collection yet so brush set I have to wait for you.

I like the rouge collection and the mirror but I have to spend wisely this time because I officially no more income this month will think about it should I get it…..

What about you? Anything you want to get for yourself for this coming X'mas? I saw the MAC 2009 Holiday Collection not bad as well.



1 comment:

Miu said...

oh nice they have a mirror too!

i saw last week they decorated the shu 1u with tsumori chisato posters but the next day, took it down n replaced back with red juvenus O_O

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