Sunday, July 14, 2013


It was company trip! Well…3 days 2 nights but unfortunately for a staff from East Malaysia, I spent a day at airport.

Hoop on early morning flight to Langkawi! Nothing much and not much photo from this trip as everyone was crazy about drinking! Guess I have some photos taken by my colleague but never have a chance to get those photos.

Here are some…
The hotel, Four Point by Sheroton…room is OK OK…

The must have…bathtub!

First thing I did once check in! Off to pool and sun bathing!
First night, prep for company annual dinner! Red lips is on!
And…there is something about pocket! I like anything with it…ehm…

That's the roomie.
Outfit during the trip…for this season, NEON!
The thing we did while others busy with shopping…hohoho. It was so so good during hot day!
Or....busy with those chocolate...
Ladies…this one is good even you don't usually go for beer. I have been searching for this in KK.
Outfit for the flight…Yes, it's neon…
What I like about this maxis dress is the opening at the legs!

That's all.




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