Sunday, June 9, 2013

Still Around…Of course

Yes, but not in the blog sphere as I really do not have that extra time to let me finger exercise a little. Enough time in the office and by the time home, I left not much time in the night, I would prefer spending my time with my boy or the cozy bed.

A little update how am I like recently, looks fat compare to last year this time as I got swim every morning when we staying at the temporary place with pool.

Hair got long…finally. Hence playing around with it but still neck length better… at least I do not have to suffer during hot day.

#Long curl

#Big Curl

#All back
#Pony tail

Believe it or not, am sleepy now. Hitting 30 very soon, very soon, need an early bed time so I look good in the next morning.

By the way, I can't believe that I have been staying at KK for almost 4 years. Lot of memory here, yes a lot.




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