Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BLUSH, I love it so much!

This is the first blog about makeup and I have thinking for long time what should I blog about. The first makeup item I have is...of course lipstick but for the first makeup blogging I not going to talk about what is my very first makeup item I had but the last thing I explore. What is my last makeup item I learn to use, makeup is BLUSH.

I don't dare to touch it cause I worry that I will end up like baboon (hah...if you watch Animal Planet Channel, then you know what I mean and which part of baboon I'm talking about) so every time I going to shop for makeup stuff, I will never ask the counter girl them anything about blush.

I never had a blush ever since I start to use makeup since I was 16, until last two years (huh?!Yes, last 2 years) when I went to Bobbi Brown counter to get my liquid foundation, just FOUNDATION, nothing else besides that, but there was a free gift given to me...their blush.

Came with a size of 50 cents round palette with the weight of 2g and the shade is Tawny (medium pinky brown but it’s look more like berry brown for me) when I first saw it, “No Way! I’m not going to use it.” cause the colour is way too red when I first looked at it, like I said I never use a blush before and what I saw from the magazine blush colour suppose to be pinkish not brown but when I try to put it on, it’s not actually what I thought of, the blusher is actually very natural and it bright me up.

The swatch:

The colour is pigmented and for me it will stay whole day long (working hours) without going smudge. I have to say I like it very much, until last 3 months, I lost it cause my baby toddler play around with it and I have no idea where he put it, during this period I have to try other brands of blusher but no there is nothing I can compare with Bobbi Brown blush (of course not to say about NARS blusher, I don’t have a chance to try it yet). Guess what…I found my Bobbi Brown blush last 2 days, my boy hide it in his baby travelling bag.

Comparing to other brand, I will definitely go to their counter and try some other shades. I don’t mind to pay more for the quality and the lovely shade they have. Guess what, they have total of 19 choices of shade, so you will definitely get the one you like!


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